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Celes System
A system on the edge of an arm of the Moonfox Galaxy. It boasts two habitable worlds, one of which, Celes, became the second home of humanity.

Event Timeline
  • NAHO Millionmile Particle Accelerator
    This particle accelerator, constructed by nanomachines, circles the outer limits of the Celes system. This immense, four billion-mile-long circumference was needed to generate the conditions required to probe the physics of the creation of the universe. The creation of this accelerator allowed scientists to prove their 21-dimensional theory of the universe, launching mankind into the age of Galactic Civilizations.
  • Planet Celes
    An oceanic planet with sparse land; it became the second home of humanity, and, before that, was the home of the fallen angels: the Aierophyx and the Illyx. Fourth planet from the star, also named Celes.