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Planet Marle
Third planet from the star Celes. First planet colonized by humans from Planet Celes after they developed spaceflight. significantly larger and warmer than Planet Celes, its abundant habitable land and natural resources made it a jewel worth killing for. Life evolved separately on Marle; the planet is covered with gigantic trees and titanic reptiles who rule the land through their dumb ferocity. Human scientists looked for evidence of sentient life but did not find any.

Event Timeline
  • Third planet from star Celes. It is 250 million miles from its
    neighbor, Planet Celes--the fourth planet.
  • 4600 mile radius. More than twice as large as Celes.
  • In its original state, Marle was too hot--near the edges of habitability
    for humans. The first settlers had to account for this with their
    clothing and technology. However, the planet was terraformed
    eventually, and the climate became more bearable for humans--at the
    expense of the native life that had called Marle its home for billions
    of years.
  • Much of the world is either rainforest or desert, interspersed with
    mountains at the tectonic fault lines.