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Eleventh Descent ~ Occultation of Lesser Demons
Home of the Lesser Demons, who follow the commands of the Greater Demons and Low Gods. Unlike the Greater Demons, who are too powerful to enter the mortal world without the Light noticing, these Lesser Demons appear more like Wraiths or humans are able to perform missions without being noticed for a while. These Lesser Demons tempt, distract, torment and dismay mortals, who then become more apt to become Wraiths or Demons when they die. More important than the corruption of individuals, though, is the corruption of entire nations, and that is the goal that the Demons ultimately work toward, in an effort to show the Creator's fallacies and gather more darkened Souls for their army. The Lesser Demonic Hierarchy mirrors that of Angels: Black Virtues, "Generals" or "Malachim"; Black Principalities, "Legions" or "Revengers"; Black ArchAngels, "Centurions" or "Furies; and Black Angels, "Imps" or "Ensnarers".

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